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TV Time (Finally)

After waiting an extra half-season due to the WGA and SAG/AFTRA strike(s), it’s finally TV time! Here’s what we’re looking forward to in the coming weeks:

For shows that have been on for several weeks or that started up/back last year, The Irrational is finishing up with its first season finale. The plot lines aren’t always the best, but we quite like the characters, so we’ll stick with it. The reboot of Quantum Leap is also finishing up its season with a 2-hour finale this coming week. I am assuming Hannah will reappear (again), and I will be interested to see if she continues to pop up or if they will wrap up that particular story line. Night Court and Extended Family are both continuing, though I believe each is only set for half a season, so they should be wrapping up soon.

In a one-off for me, I haven’t watched NCIS in a few years now, but I do have the Ducky tribute episode set to record this week. I hear there are a couple of big guns showing up to honor their late friend, both the character of Dr. Mallard and David McCallum himself.

Ghosts (US Version) started back this past week to finally wrap up its cliffhanger ending, though the results were disappointing (not the episode, just the resolution of the cliffhanger; we liked that character and are sorry to see them go). Will Trent, our favorite new show from last year and quite possibly our current favorite show overall, is finally having its season 2 premiere. We knew it had to be coming when we started seeing the filming signs around town. (Yes, it’s set in Atlanta and it does actually film here!) The Rookie and CSI: Vegas both left us with cliffhanger endings, so I’m definitely glad to have both of those back. For non-network shows, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is back for its final season on Disney+ starting February 21.

It looks like Rookie: Feds will not be returning, which is a shame, as I really like Niecy Nash-Betts, and we really loved all of the characters on the show. I didn’t think the show had been canceled during its run last year, and various sources indicate that is correct, though it does seem to have fallen victim to the strike. Such a shame, they deserved better. Maybe they can still put in an appearance here and there on The Rookie? One can hope. I feel like I’m missing a couple of others that we watched last season but aren’t slated to return this season, but nothing is coming to mind. I guess I can’t miss them that badly then.

As for new shows, the only one I currently have on the slate is Elsbeth, which will premiere on Thursday, February 29. If you watched The Good Wife, then yes, this is *exactly* who you think it is! And I’m so glad. She is such a quirky character, and I really enjoyed her occasional appearances. I just hope they can keep up the quality and the lack of annoying-ness that could easily happen with her over the course of a series. Fingers crossed! I’m also keeping my eyes open for the new Matlock series starring Kathy Bates. Not sure how I feel about that, having seen quite a few of the ones with Andy Griffith, but I’d still like to check it out.

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