Movie Talk,  MovieMuse Reviews by Erin


Barbie. It has taken me two days now to figure out what I was going to say about this movie, and I honestly never did, so I’m just going to type and see what comes out. (Lucky you!) The number 1 thing I can say about this movie: it is PG-13. I truly cannot stress that enough!! It was made by adults and FOR adults, NOT FOR CHILDREN in any way. If you are expecting the live action version of a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s – and taking your 6 and 8 year old kids to see it – you are in for a VERY rude awakening! Ratings have meaning and should be heeded; if you chose not to because “it’s just a Barbie movie,” that’s on you. Most things might just go over their heads, but you may also have some very uncomfortable questions to answer, depending on how aware and astute your children are.

The second most important thing I can say about this movie: I do not think I have EVER laughed out loud as frequently or as loudly at any movie as I did at this one. For what it was trying to do (which it did very well!), it was done to pitch perfect pink perfection! It was sarcastic and witty and ironic and even mean here and there (but for good reason, mostly). Think about one of the most biting SNL skits about patriarchy that you’ve ever seen, then dial that up to 100. Throw in a couple of moment specifically added simply for shock value, and here we are. I will say that I took some issue with the resolution to the Ken storyline. Putting things “back the way they were” when some people were clearly not happy with that in the first place (otherwise we wouldn’t have a movie) doesn’t make it better. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But overall, it was fantastic!

And third on the list: bring tissues, as in multiple. I know that sounds like odd advice for one of the funniest movies I have seen in decades, but I cried more than one, and it would have been worse if I had a daughter. Enjoy the movie, but come prepared. “The speech” will get to you. (IYKYK)