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V for Vendetta

In a Nutshell: Quite fun! Doesn’t take itself seriously. Not as good as the original Matrix film, but better than either sequel, IMO.

Quick Plot: A mysterious masked figure in the near-future seeks to topple a strict dictatorial government with the help of a young woman he abducted, and hopefully the rest of the nation.

In Detail: While I wouldn’t quite say that this film lives up to its hype, it was great fun to watch. It is not meant to be serious (though it does have a few serious points to make in a satirical fashion), so just turn off your brain and watch. The V monologue alone is worth the price of admission. Quite a bit of stylish action, a large dollop of wit, and some fantastic tongue in cheek humor make for an enjoyable two hours. I have a special fondness for the actor who plays V (I won’t give it away for those who like to guess), so that certainly doesn’t hurt. Several have criticized it on moral grounds, and in light of world events of the last 5 years, I can see their point to a certain extent. Then again, perhaps that is one of the points of the movie, no? You decide.

Will I Buy It? I’d put it on the maybe list. I’d like to see it again to decide if I’d watch it frequently. I’m not sure that I would; I prefer The Matrix.