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In a Nutshell: Bleh. Don’t bother. Even films I don’t expect much from need more than Milla Jovovich in skimpy costumes and CG effects.

Quick Plot: A group of genetic outcasts capture a weapon that will obliterate all of their kind from the planet. The agent sent to intercept it learns that it may also be the key to a cure. Can the cure be discovered before the others destroy it, or will it be the end of her people?

In Detail: We did not go into this film expecting very much, but it delivered even less. We thought of it it on the same level as The Scorpion King: great late late night film, should be a fun and forgettable 2 hours. The Scorpion King looks Oscar caliber compared to Ultraviolet and contains immeasurably more plot. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously, whereas Ultraviolet tries to be both serious and relevant (and fails dismally). More than a few people left about 30 minutes in (it wasn’t quite that bad). Several action sequences were either too long and/or too repetitive, to the point of using some of the same footage. What little plot there was seemed made up as they went along. I’m all for twists, but these didn’t make any sense. It was like sitting in a room and asking for plot points for any movie, then trying to make them fit into this one with little or no effort to connect them (should there have been a way to do so), and some other things that could have used explanation were never even touched on. The effects were cool, yes, but that alone cannot carry a film. Let’s not even discuss the acting. I’ve seen worse movies for sure, but this one was pretty bad.

Will I Buy It? You’re kidding, right? Nope.