Married Life

15 minutes of fame, every week

DH and I go grocery shopping once a week, on Tuesdays. We have the same routine every week: leave work, drive home, eat dinner at Longhorn while making the grocery list, then grocery shopping. We’ve been doing this for, oh, 2-3 years now, I guess. Usually, we sit at a booth somewhere out of the way. We don’t have a regular table or anything. This time, though, we were running a little late, so we were at a table near the entrance to “the back.” No problem, I’m not picky about where we sit. But being there did make me keenly aware of something: we are rather well known at the restaurant. We had three different servers and the manager stop by to just to say “hi, how are you?” or “good to see you.” They certainly know us on sight. One good thing I can say for it is that we rarely have bad service. Perhaps they just really like us? Nope. We just tip well. LOL