A Granny Update

(Stock image from Pixaby, not our actual hands)

Sorry folks, I’m just not up for some kind of pithy title at the moment. I was recently asked by more than one person about how my grandmother is doing, so I wanted to give a quick update. She is still losing weight, and she is mentally losing it more and more each day, though she is not aware of it or frustrated by it, so that is a blessing. Essentially, my grandmother is gone in mind and spirit; only her body remains. Used to be she could at least carry on a conversation, though she may remember things incorrectly, either in time frame (thinking something from years ago happened recently) or in reality (thinking things happened that have not). Now it is difficult for her to stay “with you” for even a sentence or two, and she is essentially hallucinating (seeing things near you or behind you when there is, in fact, nothing there; or sewing with her hands on some imaginary project). This is all being reported to me by my parents. I have not personally seen her since May, but I am so glad I did get to see her when she was still able to know me, and Luke, and converse in some sort of meaningful manner. In all honesty, as much as I love her, I am not looking forward to another visit, but I will do it anyway because that is what good granddaughters do.


  • Anonymous

    I have neer missed the diapers – ever! I was rerady to get out of diapers each kid. Parts of the age may be cute and wonderful just not the diapers.
    We still have a stain on our speakers from baby food squash. I should probably remind her about that when she gets married later this month.

    Just keep your patience.