So far, December is not really better

I know, I am woefully behind. Thanksgiving was pretty bad. I had a kidney stone that started killing me just as we sat down to eat our big family meal. Two hours on the hard bathroom floor to pass it, plus a 2 hour nap afterwards pretty much wiped out turkey day itself. Sleeping off the pain meds erased most of Friday for me as well. Saturday went okay; I did get some rugs picked out for the new house, though I haven’t had time to buy them yet. Then Sunday as we were leaving, I closed Luke’s thumb in the car door. It’s not broken as I feared, and he’s fine, but it just seemed like the perfect end to such a crappy month.

December has to be better, right?

Or not. Steve’s grandmother just called. His grandfather died last night. He has been in failing health for some years, and she did email Steve within the last week or so to say he had been moved to hospice care, so it’s not a surprise. Doesn’t make it suck any less, though. We were already discussing going down there this weekend anyway, I just hate that we didn’t make it. We’ll be going to the funeral on Saturday (have to wait for extended family from North Carolina, Washington DC, Texas, South Dakota, and Australia to arrive).


In the meantime, I have to come up with something for both myself and Luke to wear. Luke should be pretty easy. Thanks to Mom, I already have some nice shirts for him, just need to get him some pants (he only has jeans right now). Me, not so much. I haven’t worn business clothes in almost a year, since the last round of holiday work parties. I pray they still fit. It *might* be as “warm” as the 40s and raining for the service, and I’m wearing pants, whether it is “proper etiquette” or not. Might also break out the long wool coat I bought back in January. Summer funerals are no fun in the heat, but I think cold and rainy will be worse.


  • Jenny

    I'm so sorry Erin. ((hugs))

    You've certainly had your fair share of stress recently – I really hope this is it and you have a nice long break from anything remotely stressful/unpleasant.