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Ahsoka – Season 1

Ahsoka – On the whole, this felt like a whole lot of not much. I’m not sure how anyone who didn’t watch Rebels has any idea what is going on. Well, that’s not true; what is actually happening is pretty straightforward. But if you didn’t watch Rebels – if you have no idea of the history and background of these people, both as individuals and as chosen family for each other – then I’m not sure why you would care about these events. I imagine they feel pretty odd and random when taken out of context (and some of it still does, even knowing the history). There were some wonderful moments here and there. Episode 5 was the standout for me personally. But otherwise, that was a really long and winding way for those events to occur. I think they were trying for the slow burn restraint shown by Andor, but they didn’t have the story necessary to back it up, so it came off more “long and boring” than “slow burn intensity” for me. Not awful, but not great either; just okay. See less

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