Conversations With Luke,  Infant and Toddler

Anatomy: A Conversation with Luke

Probably not what you think you’re about to read about! This was the conversation on the way home from the grocery store last night. It’s a little long, and the end seems repetitive, but hang with me.

  • Luke: Dad, are we going home?
  • DH: Yes, we need to go home and put the groceries away before they get hot.
  • Luke: They getting hot?
  • DH: Yes, they are getting hot in the trunk.
  • Luke: Oh. I not help carry them in?
  • DH (puzzled): You can help carry them in if you want.
  • Luke: No I not. If it hot, then I get hurt and say ouchie!
  • DH: Oh, no, they won’t be so hot you can’t touch them. The cold things will just get too warm and go bad.
  • Luke: I be careful with hot. Kitty [speaking to his stuffed companion], you no touch hot.
  • DH: That’s right, we don’t touch hot things, or we can get hurt.
  • Luke: Yeah, kitty. You touch hot and you get hurt. You hurt your face…
    • … and your whiskers,
    • … and your nose,
    • … and your hand,
    • … and your belly,
    • … and your hiney,
    • … and your tag….

One Comment

  • Jenny

    That’s so funny! Katie has a little stuffed cat she carries around all the time too. Here’s isn’t a ty though – some off brand. But “Tiger” goes almost everywhere with us.