101 Things v2 - 2009 to 2011

101 Things that Make Me Happy

101 Things 2.0 – Item #35

1. My immediate family.
2. My extended family.
3. My friends.
4. My cats.
5. My life in general.
6. That I know/remember all of my grandparents, half of my great-grandparents, and one great-great-grandparent.
7. A great book.
8. A great movie.
9. A great song.
10. A great meal.
11. Seeing the sun after several days of rain.
12. Crunching dry leaves in the fall.
13. Disney.
14. Christmas gifts, both giving and receiving.
15. Seeing my favorite ornaments on the Christmas tree.
16. Seeing Granny’s gold card ball hanging in my kitchen.
17. A truly restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.
18. A long hot shower.
19. The smell of the marsh at home.
20. Meeting online friends IRL.
21. Being a tourist (I like “being there,” but not the actual traveling so much).
22. Indoor climate control.
23. Nature’s grandeur.
24. Doing something kind for someone else.
25. Witnessing others do kindness to others, especially children.
26. Hearing my son use his manners, like please, thank you, and you’re welcome.
27. My digital camera.
28. My blog.
29. Beautiful flowers.
30. Beautiful art.
31. Beautiful architecture (which could also be considered art).
32. Seeing my husband’s wedding band on his finger.
33. The ocean.
34. Humidity (much happier with it than without it!).
35. Loving others.
36. Knowing I am loved.
37. Being at peace with myself and who I am.
38. Currently having financial security (knock wood).
39. Excel. (I love Excel! I miss Excel.)
40. The sight of another interstate at either end of I-16 (the world’s most boring road).
41. Successfully executing a new recipe.
42. Looking at pictures of happy memories.
43. That my husband doesn’t mind me oogling beautiful famous men.
44. All the new babies around me.
45. Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook.
46. Watching my son use his imagination.
47. Watching my parents enjoy their grandson.
48. My relationship with God, as unconventional as it may be.
49. That I am blessed to live in a time and place where my main concern is my own comfort and convenience, not my safety or my next meal.
50. Fireworks.
51. Really good hugs.
52. Chocolate.
53. Living in Atlanta.
54. Temari.
55. Stitching.
56. Playing video games.
57. Playing cards.
58. Playing dominoes.
59. The Rice Krispie Treat spoon, hand carved by my great-grandfather.
60. The Star Wars theme in my son’s room.
61. Listening to the sound of a gentle rain from inside a cozy home.
62. Rainbows.
63. Being a Georgia Tech alum.
64. Being a redhead.
65. That DH and I have such similar tastes (makes life much simpler).
66. Mapquest (otherwise I’d never get anywhere).
67. Lightbulb moments (also called Eureka or “a-ha!” moments).
68. Kevin James’s dance sequence in Hitch (I laugh *every* time).
69. This video of my son laughing.
70. My pillow.
71. My shelf full of Titanic books.
72. Fractals.
73. The Shirt.
74. Discovering long-forgotten cash in my jacket pockets (happens more than it should).
75. Being a Bicentennial Baby.
76. That my son can recognizably sing more than one Star Wars tune.
77. Handbells.
78. A good bookstore.
79. Truly comfortable shoes.
80. A really great outfit.
81. How I look all made up (don’t like doing it, but like the results).
82. Freshly shaved legs (another don’t like doing it, but like the results).
83. Warm jeans right out of the dryer.
84. Japanese ginger salad dressing.
85. Movie theater stadium seating.
86. Taking my son to the movies (still a rare and amazing experience for him).
87. Cirque du Soleil.
88. Roller coasters.
89. The Fox Theatre.
90. High thread count sheets.
91. Soft, fluffy, absorbent towels.
92. Sweet tea.
93. Whole milk.
94. A star-filled sky.
95. Shuttle launches.
96. The text message my husband sends me every work day, just to see how my day is going.
97. Watching my husband and my son play together.
98. The ways technology makes my life easier and richer.
99. Teaching someone something new.
100. Learning something new.
101. That it was much easier than I thought it might be to think of 101 things that make me happy! LOL

Currently feeling: quite happy!

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  • Leah F

    Ah, #40–written by someone who drives I-16 often. It truly is the most boring stretch of road, though I-20 between Columbia and Florence gives it a good run for its money!