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Bad Company

In a Nutshell: Funny in spots, not really a waste of 2 hours per se, but mainly blah.

Quick Plot: This is the latest “mismatched buddy cop” movie, this time starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. Rock and his twin brother were separated at birth, the refined works-for-the-CIA brother gets killed, and street hustler brother is recruited to take his place to finish out that last mission.

In Detail: Not much detail to give really. It had its moments. I think Chris Rock has it in his contract that he is allowed a 3-minute spiel on the topic of his choosing in each film; that said, this one’s pretty funny. We laughed, and we didn’t feel like we had wasted 2 hours. Is it worth full price ($7.50 here)? Probably not. Will it lose anything on video? I doubt it. Anthony Hopkins was disappointing in this role, so if that’s you’re only reason for seeing it, don’t bother. It was like he went through the whole movie with the “I can’t believe I’m doing this” attitude, and it showed.

Will I Buy It? Nope.