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Disney’s Wish

Disney’s Wish (2023) – Hmm. It’s okay. Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. Nothing really wrong with it other than the story was lacking. (Steve says he thought it was boring.) It had great potential (Chris Pine’s character especially, who they basically just motion-captured), but they didn’t expand on those opportunities. It felt more like an outline or story pitch than a fully realized story, so it was disappointing from that (adult film-goer) perspective. I also feel like they were trying too hard in a few places, the goat in particular, which is a shame, because Alan Tudyk is normally beyond hilarious! Star (and the ball of yarn) steals the show for sure. It’s not bad at all! Please don’t get me wrong. It was just a little lacking in nuance and complexity that easily could have been there but wasn’t. And I’m not saying that all stories should be complex; Disney spent decades proving that isn’t necessary if you do it right. But they had the setup for several complex or “it depends on your perspective” options (which would have made the film much more interesting) that they then did not follow through with, so why put them there in the first place? That’s where I get frustrated. There is a stinger at the end, and it’s very sweet. The “constellations” during the credits are in order, and they actually include the movie that no one speaks of (because it was horrible, truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen), which I guess was important for the sake of completeness, but yeesh! But, seeing some of our lesser-known favorites actually being acknowledged was lovely.