Hooty Hoo! Kennesaw State Orientation

Luke Gaston standing in front of the Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus sign

My son will be starting at the Marietta campus of Kennesaw State University in the fall. Today was orientation. It boggles my mind a bit that we’re really about to do this in 5 weeks! The main point of today was class registration, but there was some other good information as well, plus we got to eat in the dining hall and experience the various stations they have to offer. And one thing you will almost NEVER hear me say about these kinds of events: this one was incredibly well organized and managed! I was very impressed, both personally and professionally.

Hooty Hoo! Kennesaw State orientation group wristbands.
Officially an official student, with ID and everything.
Being social!? And playing chess no less. He lost but seemed to enjoy it.
Kennesaw State Orientation slideshow
Kennesaw State Orientation – Marietta Camus
Kennesaw State Marietta Campus sign, with L in his new spirit jersey and holding his Hooty Hoo sign
Kennesaw State Flight 27 spirit jersey
Owl Eyes!
Close up of the KSU Flight 27 logo

Some of the swag they received today was a string backpack with the intertwined KS school logo, a Hooty Hoo sign (presumably for their dorm room/apartment), and their class spirit jerseys. As of last year, they don’t use the term “Class of” for the anticipated year of graduation. They are now called “flights.” So he is Kennesaw State Flight 27.

Being social!? And playing chess no less. He lost but seemed to enjoy it.

By the way, when they split up students and their “supporters” (I love that inclusive term!), it becomes difficult to find your student again in the sea of other freshmen, especially when they are grouped by major/school. “Tall white skinny boy with glasses” describes an awfully large chunk of the incoming freshmen for the College of Computing and Software Engineering. It definitely didn’t help that he was sitting down! (Playing chess.) I was looking for him “up,” not “down,” but we eventually managed.

Other than packing and moving, we’re (allegedly) ready for the next adventure. Hooty Hoo! Go Owls!

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