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College Visits

Yes, we’re very very late, but we are finally visiting colleges. The final two contenders are Georgia Southern and Kennesaw State. We hit both over spring break.

First up was Kennesaw State. They have two campuses, the main one up in Kennesaw, and they have also absorbed the former Southern PolyTech campus in Marietta and its curriculum. Southern Poly is extremely well known down here, and I’m glad they were able to continue in some form after the College Board of Regents insisted that all schools become or become a part of a 4 year university. The campus is largely mid-century modern in style, and I love it! It is also considered historic and while they can update the buildings, they cannot change or tear down the classic 1960s style facades.

Next up was Georgia Southern in Statesboro. This is actually where Steve and I met, in their engineering transfer program. (They now have their own engineering school!) I didn’t take many pictures, because it was blue-blazing HOT!!! It was wild to see how much had changed and what was effectively exactly the same. I will say that the tree lined brick walkway was a lovely place to sit and catch my breath with the wind coming off the “lake” in the middle of campus. (The lake was there when we were; the trees and walkway were not.)

We should have a decision this weekend!