KSU Flight 27 Has Officially Departed

Today was move in day for the Kennesaw State Marietta Campus. (Day 2 is tomorrow.)

Here’s how we started:

So loading the car and driving to the school was FUN! So much fun, in fact, that they delayed all check-ins by an hour, which of course they only told us after we were on the way, and plenty of people didn’t even get the message. It was a nightmare. The entire campus came to a standstill until about 10:15. And you could NOT move into your room, or even access your room, until you had checked in.

But once we got checked in, everything went pretty smoothly. We chucked everything out of the car (Luke’s backpack is missing from this picture, but otherwise, this is everything), which I then watched over while the guys went to park the cars away from the parking lot that was being used as the loading zone. Here’s what we ended up with:

Here’s a quick video tour of his room (yes, I realize this is the cleanest it will ever be and the last time the bed will ever be made!):

So we arrived around 9:40, we finally got checked in around 10:30, and we were finished getting things put away around 1 PM. After lunch at Golden Corral, we dropped him off and headed home (where I promptly collapsed for a 3 hour nap). I’d call that a success!

I texted him this evening, and his roommate – who we had no contact with prior to move in – has decided not to live in the dorms. They did show up briefly, and it is absolutely nothing personal against Luke, they just changed their minds (they had pretty much decided not to move in before they arrived). So that is causing a bit of uncertainty on what is going to happen now. I’ll keep you updated when we know more.

Classes start Monday! Things are about to get real. We are so proud of him, and I know he will do great!