101 Things v5 - Countdown to 50

Countdown to 50 – 101 Things in 1001 Days, Version 5

Back in late June, I saw someone post on Facebook about doing “50 Things at Age 50” because she is turning 50 this year, and I was reminded of doing 101 Things in 1001 Days several times before and quite enjoying it. I also realized that I was 1000-ish days from my own 50th birthday (1120-something at the time, actually), so I decided to do one where the end of the 1001 days coincides with my 50th birthday. This will actually be my 5th round with 101 Things, though I truly don’t remember much about the last time. 2014 to 2017, hmm, I wonder what was going on then? Something about my son finishing elementary school and starting middle school. Seems like ages ago now, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2022), plus my son graduating from high school (May 2023) and starting college (August 2023) since then.

Interested in trying it? Think of it as something between a to do list and a bucket list. I recommend a mix of small and big things, fun and important things, things that are “one and done” and things that take longer. Some items may also become irrelevant over time, but to me, that’s part of the process, and it’s always interesting to see what was originally put on the list that ended up not being meaningful nearly 3 years later. Looking at other people’s lists is also extremely helpful. Even if you don’t use one of their ideas exactly, it may spark another idea for you. I love seeing other people’s lists! They’re always fascinating.

I will be tracking my progress on a dedicated blog page, but I will also post on many of them as they are accomplished. If you decide to try it yourself, let me know! Here are my previous lists, if you are interested or just need some inspiration: 101 Things v1, 101 Things v2, 101 Things v3, and 101 Things v4.

Countdown to 50 – 101 Things in 1001 Days, Version 5

Begin Date: October 27, 2023
End Date: July 24, 2026 – my 50th birthday!

Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

1. Donate blood
2. Colonoscopy
3. Discuss hair thinning with dermatologist
4. Weigh 50 lbs less on day 1001 than on day 1
5. Hit 10,000 steps on my FitBit 10 times; Currently 0/10
6. Meditate 101 times (for at least 5 minutes); Current total: 0/101
7. Have a girls only weekend with Mom
8. Build a LEGO kit
9. Get a massage
10. Learn a new makeup look
11. Do my nails 50 times; Current total: 0/50

That’s Entertainment

12. See 101 new-to-me movies (new or old releases); Current total: 0/101
13. Watch 26 new-to-me movies, one starting with each letter of the alphabet (can count towards the 101)
14. Watch a new-to-me movie from each decade, starting in 1920 (can count towards the 101)
15. Use Regal Unlimited for 100 tickets between the two of us; Current total: 0/100
16. Watch 5 new shows via streaming
17. Complete the Ultimate Reading Challenge list of 50 books; Current total: 0/50
18. Read Gone With the Wind (can count towards the 50)
19. Read To Kill a Mockingbird (can count towards the 50)
20. Finish stitching Adia, the Garden Fairy by Mirabilia
21. Visit the Fox Theatre for something other than a movie
22. Attend a concert (if seen at Fox, can only count for one, not both)
23. Visit a special museum exhibition

WordPress and Blogging

24. Blog about each 101 item upon its completion (can combine more than one item in a single update post); Items Complete: , Items Blogged:
25. Write and publish 101 new blog posts, not including 101 Things updates; Current total: 0/101
26. Clean up and publish 101 old MovieMuse blogspot posts to my WordPress blog; Current total: 0/101
27. Move/incorporate all posts from my old movie review blog into my WordPress blog
28. Move/incorporate all posts from my old digital scrapping blog into my WordPress blog
29. Move WordPress blog to a new host

There’s No Place Like Home

30. Frame and hang all 3 Shakespeare fairies by Mirabilia
31. Frame and hang Brian Kessinger art prints
32. Frame and hang family photos
33. Replace the recliners
34. Replace the sofa
35. Replace Christmas tree
36. Replace broken shutter(s)
37. Replace front door
38. Fix dislodged downspout
39. Clean out the pantry
40. Clean out the cupboard
41. Clean out the kitchen baskets
42. Clean out the refrigerator/freezer upstairs AND wash all the shelves/drawers
43. Clean out the refrigerator/freezer downstairs
44. Go through 50 boxes; Current total: 0/50

What’s Cookin’?

45. Try 50 new recipes
46. Pick 10 of my never-used cookbooks and make 1 recipe from each (can count towards the 50)
47. Add a new recipe to the routine list for the air fryer (attempts can count towards the 50)
48. Add a new recipe to the routine list for the Instant Pot (attempts can count towards the 50)
49. Add a new recipe to the routine list for the crock pot (attempts can count towards the 50)
50. Make 50 meals in the crock pot, instant pot, or air fryer; minimum 5 each
51. Make homemade ice cream (can count towards the 50)
52. Learn to make pizza dough from scratch (bread machine okay, attempts can count towards the 50)
53. Learn to make french toast (Jacob’s recipe?, attempted recipes can count towards the 50)
54. Learn to grill a great hamburger at home in my grill pan (attempts can count towards the 50)
55. Perfect Lochlyn’s pecan pie recipe (attempts do NOT count towards the 50; recipe is not new)
56. Make a pie from scratch (crust, filling, everything)
57. Make a recipe book of family recipes, give as Christmas gifts

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

58. Visit Granny Ruth
59. See Tony at least once a year (here or there)
60. Make a list of 50 realistic places to visit, include one in each state that touches Georgia
61. Visit 5 of the places on the new list of 50 places to visit; Current total: 0/5
62. Visit a Buc-ee’s
63. Do 5 new-to-me fun things in Atlanta
64. Ride on a train (not at a theme park, something like White Pass Rail is okay)
65. Stay at an unusual hotel or rental home
66. Say yes to something I would normally say no to
67. Take a trip somewhere by myself (not to visit a friend, just solo travel)
68. Get TSA Pre-Check and/or Global Entry for both of us
69. See another total solar eclipse
70. Cruise on a cruise line other than Disney

It’s Never Too Late

71. Learn how to tie a long tie (double Windsor) on someone else
72. Learn how to tie a bow tie on someone else
73. Buy a lottery ticket
74. Try a new craft (cannot be a type of hand needlework; machine sewing okay)
75. Try something physical I’ve never done before
76. Learn to make 5 non-alcoholic cocktails for special occasions
77. Listen to 5 new-to-me popular musical artists (like Taylor Swift)
78. Read 5 new-to-me popular authors (like Stephen King, can count towards the 50)
79. Visit 5 new-to-me restaurants in our area
80. Make a Spotify playlist
81. Listen to a podcast
82. Walk (or run, haha) a 5k
83. Make a bucket list of at least 25 items (cannot include more than 2 travel items from other lists)
84. Complete one item from the bucket list
85. Learn 50 new things by clicking the random articles button on Wikipedia


86. Put sincere effort into finding a job (can’t control if I actually get one or not)
87. Meet with a financial planner or take an online course to create and implement an investment plan
88. Review all subscriptions/automatic payments and decrease by $500 per year; Current total: $0
89. Start a ROTH IRA for Steve and fully fund it each year, unless advised otherwise by our financial planner; do the same for me if/when I get a job
90. Meet with an attorney for estate planning and final arrangements (trust?, will, living will, POA)
91. Make note of graves of grandparents, Lochlyn, and other relatives, include a copy with the “important papers” (such as the will)
92. Meet with parents to discuss final wishes, locations, etc.
93. Clean up my Amazon lists
94. Backup all photos
95. Get estimate for foundation repair
96. Get estimate for deck replacement
97. Get estimate for fixing fascia/soffet boards at gutter points
98. Get estimate for dental work

The Usual Suspects

99. Complete Project 365 again
100. Finish writing another 101 things list by day 1001
101. Beat my past 101 Things in 1001 Days completion record of 52; Current total: 0/53