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The Jazz Singer

The Jazz Singer (1927) – Generally considered the first “talkie,” it was still mostly a silent film – complete with dialog cards – with a few scenes of synchronized singing, during which Al Jolsen decided to throw in a few lines of dialog as well, and the studio decided to leave them in. This is one of those movies that I felt like I “had to see” in order to call myself a film buff. I can completely understand it having a HUGE impact on every aspect of film making in its day. It does contain two blackface scenes, which I knew before I watched it, and it was followed with an excellent short documentary about the history of blackface in Hollywood. (And I don’t care if it is in the film/contextually accurate, I cannot stomach the thought of putting a blackface image on my blog, so you’ll have to live with these instead, even though they are not representative of how the film was advertised when released.)