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The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat (2023) – We were able to see a sneak preview of this movie a couple of weeks before it was officially released in theaters. It’s a solid sports movie, nothing particularly spectacular, but very enjoyable if you like the genre. I felt the story was lacking in some places, though. Team sport movies always focus on a small number of team members (which they did a good job with here), but there are also usually several others that have a memorable moment here or there. But when they spent a key moment in the film with the camera moving from person to person in the boat, I only knew who 4 of them were; the other 5 were all complete mysteries to me. I didn’t know their names, I didn’t know where they were from, I didn’t know why they were on the team. There had been no scenes at all highlighting them, and if you showed me their pictures (now or then), I couldn’t even tell you whether or not they were in the film. With only 9 of them, I should have at least been able to name something memorable about each person (even if it’s not their names). It was a missed opportunity, and I feel like such a small team deserved a little bit better. I hope the book expands on each team member at least a little bit.


  • Amanda Jane Hanneld

    Ooooh, I wanted to see this just for the 1930s recreation of Seattle. I also have a rowing machine that was obviously shilling for the movie with their workouts/content and rows on Lake Union & Lake Washington so I may have gotten got. All of that said, I have little patience for stories that are so white-male-centered these days… are there any noteworthy women in focus?