College,  Conversations With Luke

The King: A Conversation With Luke

While listening to oldies on the (digital) radio….

  • Radio: “Return to sender, address unknown….”
  • Papa: Do you know who sings this? (It was during the verse.)
  • Luke: [shakes his head]
  • (Chorus starts)
  • Steve: How about now?
  • Luke: Yeah.
  • Steve, skeptical: What is his name?
  • Luke, eyes widening in fear: Um…. I know who it is, but I can’t think of it.
  • Me: We saw a documentary on him at the movie theater.
  • Luke: We did?!
  • [Jeopardy theme]
  • Luke, starting to panic: Prince?
  • Steve: [headdesk]
  • Nana and Papa: [joking shock and horror]
  • Me: This is THE KING, son, not Prince!
  • Me: [picks up my phone]
  • Luke: Is this going on Facebook?
  • Me: Yes. You have until I finish typing to come up with a good ending!
  • Steve: Let me help you: Lilo and Stitch
  • Luke: Elvis?
  • Steve, semi-relieved: Do you know his last name?
  • Luke, confident: Presley
  • Steve: Well at least we (meaning as parents) did that right