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Lilo and Stitch

In a Nutshell: Or should I say, coconut shell? Cute film, but feels a little off-kilter from its more “normal” Disney brothers and sisters.

Quick Plot: Genetically created alien to be put in prison as a danger to intergalactic society. Escapes to Earth (Hawaii specifically); creator and sidekick sent to bring it back. Meanwhile, alien adopted from a pound by badly behaved Hawaiian girl obsessed with Elvis, who lives with her sister after their parents’ death, and is about to be taken away by child services.

In Detail: If you haven’t seen the film and/or you don’t know much about it, after reading that plot summary, I’m sure by now you’re saying, um, okay. I’m still saying that after having seen the movie! It was different. 🙂 I thought it was very pretty to look at, especially with the watercolor backgrounds. It had plenty of laugh out loud moments, plenty of “poor alien” moments, and plenty of “family is important” moments. I liked it fine (I think), but I don’t think I loved it, and I’m not sure I ever will. And “stupid-head” is not a phrase I would like my future 4 year old to pick up from any film, and certainly not a Disney movie. (Can you tell that irked me?)

It was fine, really. It just feels a little “off” for a Disney. And my brain is still having trouble meshing Hawaii and Elvis with deep space. LOL Almost like they spliced a Hawaii movie and a space movie together, then had to write a story to make the pieces fit. Having said that, it fit pretty well! Again, not a bad execution, just very different. I loved the 2 Hawaiian songs (especially Hawaiian Roller Coaster) enough that I plan to buy the soundtrack just for them. (Alan Silvestri, in case you were wondering).

Will I Buy It? I’m leaning towards yes.