Conversations With Luke

Music Holder: A Conversation With Luke

It suddenly occurred to me earlier this week that with Luke taking one of our cars to college (NEXT WEEK! ACK!!!), then I/we should probably get our stuff out of it, like sunglasses and such. I somehow did not have that activity on my list of things to do before he leaves. Oops! I was surprised when they got back from errands this morning….

  • L: We cleaned out the car.
  • Me: Oh, okay, thank you! Where did you put the stuff?
  • L: Dad has it. But I didn’t know what to do with the… uh… [looks confused]… music holders?
  • Me [now confused]: The what?
  • L: I don’t know what they’re called. Music discs?
  • Me [eyes rolling and sighing heavily]: They’re called CDs. I know you’ve heard that term.
  • L: Oh, those are CDs, too? I’ve always thought CDs were just, like, games and things.
  • Me: [exaggerated sigh with a lighthearted glare]