Digital Scrapping

Some more layouts

Still sticking with the 4×6 size so far, since that is easiest to carry around (and to stick on my refrigerator, LOL). Plus, most of these are going through the mail, so it only makes sense.

First up is Jacob’s graduation announcement, which is the whole reason I got sucked into this mess in the first place (yeah, I’m resisting so hard, LOL). Which means I technically lied. The layout of my uncle and his wife was not my first one; this was. But we didn’t want anyone to know I was doing it, so I had to fib. Anyway, I think it turned out simply smashing!! And Jacob really likes it, too, which is the important thing. And so much more personal (and cheaper!) than “official” announcements. Go us!

  • Photos by Erin Gaston
  • Font is SNC Script, a free internet download
  • All papers and elements (except UM logo) by Jade T, From Gentlemen’s Study Add-On at Scrapbook-Bytes

Next up is one I did for my friend Erica. I have been a *terrible* friend and only just got around to sending her a baby gift for the approaching-7-months McKenna. So I made it a “Happy First Mother’s Day” gift (forgetting at the time that it was also almost her birthday, DUH!). No, the picture isn’t really the gift, but it was my way of letting her know that I had bought her a gift certificate for real paper scrapping supplies. Better than a Post-It note in her card, right? I didn’t have any high-res pictures to use, so I snitched a few small ones from her blog and cobbled them together. I know it’s a little cluttered with all the small photos, but I still think it turned out pretty cute!

  • Photos from Erica’s Blog
  • Font is ALS Script, a free internet download
  • All papers and elements by Rhonna Farrer From April Free {Pea} Digital Kit at Two Peas in a Bucket

And lastly, the one I did for Mother’s Day. Yes, I even made one for myself! This one was embarrassingly easy. It is called a plopper (or an easy page, or a quick page, or something similar depending on where you got it). It comes all finished, with a transparent window for your picture and a place for some text, aka “journaling” to you scrappers out there. (Actually, the main square where I put pictures of McKenna in the one above is also a plopper, come to think of it. I just shrank it way down.) All I did was pop in that picture of Luke (slightly cropped), add the Happy Mother’s Day text (personalized for each recipient, of course; Nana, Grandmama, GG, Granny, and me), and print! Still, I think it was a nice addition to their Mother’s Day cards.

  • Photo by Erin Gaston
  • Font is SNC Script, a free internet download
  • Plopper by Michelle Rottler From Ultimate Family Brag Book at