• Temari

    Another Christmas Temari

    Another Christmas, another temari. Gee, I wonder what inspires me to start working on these again each December?

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  • Temari

    Interlocking Square Temari

    I know! Two temari in two months. What is this world coming to? Well, keep in mind the previous one was nearly done when I found it in my bag. This one, however, was started from scratch.

  • Temari

    Christmas Star Temari

    Hey, look, I finished a temari! I think it has only been 2-3 years in the making, working small bits at a time, then leaving it to sit for months. Then, it got lost in a bag, which then got lost in the move.

  • Temari

    Temari info and links (more info added)

    Temari is a Japanese embroidery technique done on spherical objects, usually handmade balls of some kind. It involves wrapping the ball with thread, then using decorative threads to create a design of some kind, usually geometric in nature.

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