Christmas Star Temari

Hey, look, I finished a temari! I think it has only been 2-3 years in the making, working small bits at a time, then leaving it to sit for months. Then, it got lost in a bag, which then got lost in the move. I’m actually still missing a craft bag that has all of my temari books in it. (Naturally, now that I’m in the mood to do some!) This one didn’t turn out exactly as I intended.

Notice how the points are on alternate division lines, not on the same division lines on each side of the obi (center strip)? The idea was to make the points really long so that they crossed over the obi line and entered the empty space between the points of the star on the other side. Obviously, it didn’t quite work out that way. I didn’t leave enough distance between the center pentagon and the first stitch of the star points to allow for that. At minimum, both sets of points should touch the obi, but you can clearly see they do not on one side. Oh well! I’m still learning. Now, to make another one, before I forget what I’ve learned.

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  • Fiona

    That is just gorgeous Erin! You make me feel guilty because I have a couple of temari books sitting on my shelves which I haven't looked at for years…..I have 3 or 4 balls with the foundation wrapping worked but that's as far as I ever got. Let's make a deal: next year you try iris folding (there's a tutorial on my blog 😉 ) and I'll complete a temari!