101 Things v5 - Countdown to 50

The 201 Day Update: Countdown to 50 – 101 Things in 1001 Days, Version 5

201 days gone already. How did that happen? Every time I start one of these, I think 1001 days sounds like a really long time, and then I watch as it zips on by. 20% of the time has passed, and things are coming along pretty well on my Countdown to 50 – 101 Things in 1001 Days, Version 5. Here’s how I’m dong so far:

Completed Items: 4

101 Things Completed by Day 101

69. See another total solar eclipse – Completed 8 Apr 2024
80. Make a Spotify playlist – Completed 27 Mar 2024
83. Make a bucket list of at least 25 items (cannot include more than 2 travel items from other lists)Completed 24 Jan 2024
84. Complete one item from the bucket list – Completed 12 Apr 2024, National Baseball Hall of Fame

In Progress Items: 23

11. Do my nails 50 times; Current total: 2/50
12. See 101 new-to-me movies (new or old releases); Current total: 41/101
13. Watch 26 new-to-me movies, one starting with each letter of the alphabet; Current total: 18/26
14. Watch a new-to-me movie from each decade, starting in 1920; Current total: 8/11
15. Use Regal Unlimited for 100 tickets between the two of us; Current total: 38/100
16. Watch 5 new-to-me but already existing shows via streaming; Current total: 3/5
17. Complete the Ultimate Reading Challenge list of 50 books; Current total: 3/50
22. Attend a concert; tickets have been purchased
24. Blog about each 101 item when it is complete; Items Complete: 4, Items Blogged: 1
25. Write/publish 101 new blog posts, not including 101 Things updates; Current total: 44/101
26. Clean/publish 101 old MovieMuse blogspot posts to my WordPress blog; Current total: 53/101
27. Clean/publish remaining old movie review blog posts into my WordPress blog; Current total: 13/134
28. Publish all digital scrapping blog posts into my WordPress blog; Current total: 62/107
45. Try 50 new recipes; Current total: 2/50
50. Make 50 meals in the crock pot, instant pot, or air fryer; Current total: 2/50
55. Perfect Lochlyn’s pecan pie recipe; 1 attempt, needs a few small adjustments
59. See Tony at least once a year; Current total: 1/4
60. Make a list of 50 realistic places to visit/things to do; Current total: 30/50
77. Listen to 5 new-to-me popular musical artists (like Taylor Swift); Current total: 3/5
79. Visit 5 new-to-me restaurants in our area; Current total: 4/5
85. Learn 50 new things by using the Special Random Search on Wikipedia; Current total: 35/50
88. Review all subscriptions/automatic payments; decrease by $500 per year; Current total decrease: $460
101. Beat my previous 101 Things in 1001 Days completion record of 52; Current total: 4/53

I have plans in place to complete several more items in the next few weeks, assuming my knee cooperates. I really need to step up the cooking and the reading, and I have three completed items that I have not yet written up. My knee injury really put a dent into the cooking and a few other things that should have been done by now (like a doctor appointment or two). But overall, I’m pretty pleased with the current status.


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