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The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides (2000) – I can see that this movie would have been very impactful if you were of a certain age when you saw it (early teens to, say, early 20s). People my age were probably on the tail end of the phase of life where it would feel very relevant and insightful. It’s still not a bad movie by any means, just not quite the “all that” it was made out to be at the time. Of course, the world has changed quite a bit since then, too, and reviewing it’s release date just now, I truly cannot believe that movie studios put this into theaters only a few weeks after Columbine. I imagine it made more of a stir that way than it might have otherwise. Good to excellent performances all around, and works well with the voice-over that knows when to speak and when to shut up. Also a fun early appearance by Hayden Christensen.