Conversations With Luke,  Infant and Toddler

How to Get to Target: A Conversation With Luke

I’m not sure if this story will translate well to the written word. I’m sure someone could do it better, but I’ll give it a shot. I hope it comes across as funny as it was at the time.

So, the three of us are in the car, heading from daycare to dinner. We debate briefly, then decide to eat at Piccadilly. Cue the child: “Don’t wanna eat Piccadiddy (sic). Want tato cakes.” Luke, we had potato cakes (that would be Arby’s) yesterday; we’re going to Piccadilly today. So we make the turn that goes behind the mall, the same way we always go to Piccadilly.

Luke seems to have inherited MY sense of direction (thank goodness; DH’s is non-existent), so he realizes what we will be passing to *get* to Piccadilly as soon as the turn is made, well before he can see the store. “Wanna go Target!” he says excitedly. (He loves Target for some reason; I’m sure it is unrelated to the fact that he gets a new set of Galactic Heroes Star Wars figures about 70% of the time.) Well, if you can behave at dinner, we’ll think about it. “Nooooo,” in his best whiny voice, “wanna go Target!!” Luke, we have to eat dinner first. Then, when *all* of us are finished eating (not just he who eats three bites and says finished), we might go to Target.

A brief moment of quiet. You can almost hear the wheels turning in the back seat. Then, in a voice just as pleased as it can be, we hear:

“All finished!”

I thought DH was going to have to pull over, we were both laughing so hard! It was only a couple more blocks to Piccadilly (which is directly behind the Target) from where we were, so we did make it safely, but we were still chuckling about it as we walked to the restaurant. Boy, that was the longest and hardest I have laughed in a long time!

And yes, we did take him to Target. How could we not after such an incredibly cute moment?