Conversations With Luke,  Infant and Toddler

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This one is actually from late September, but I just found it stored in my text messages on my phone, so I’ll go on and post it. Allow me to set the scene:

We’re in the car, on the way to one of our regular restaurants. It’s not exactly close, and the traffic was pretty heavy, but Luke was doing a very good job of entertaining himself in the back seat. DH and I were just chatting about our days, enjoying listening to him as he played. He had apparently invented some sort of game for his Star Wars figures to play, and it was quite amusing to we grown-ups. Then, quite suddenly, there was only silence.

  • DH: Luke, are you playing your game?
  • L: No, it’s a commercial.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, I love reading your Luke conversations! They always crack me up, without fail. My kids are old enough that they’re beyond this phase, so it’s fun to relive that through Luke. 🙂 And both times I’ve typed his name I have typed Luck at first. Most be a sign. LOL