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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse

If you missed the original Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, then you definitely missed something special. And it is absolutely required viewing before seeing Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and if you liked the first one, then you should definitely see this one. I also highly encourage you to re-watch Into the Spider-verse close to whenever you decide to watch the second one. Trust me, it will help. There isn’t really a lot I can tell you about the movie in terms of what it is about. It is a continuation of the previous story, picking up not every long after the events of the original movie. There are several familiar faces and MANY new characters, some more major/important than others. It is a very good movie, just as good as the original, but still different. It is darker and more serious. Not that we didn’t laugh out loud, because we definitely did, but everything going on is heavy. It starts heavy, and it ends even heavier. There is a TON of action and content crammed into this movie. So much so that I know I missed some things (they vanished from the screen in the time it took me to register that something was there), and I’m certain that if I missed that many things that I know I missed, there were plenty that I didn’t even realize I missed. The movie moves at frenetic pace, and still can’t manage to fit everything in.

Which brings me to the most important thing I can say about this movie: it is only half of a movie, which I do not feel was indicated in ANY of the promotional information. It would be like going to see Empire Strikes Back with no indication that there was Return of the Jedi waiting in the wings. You get pretty much no resolution to anything at all, and then it ends. Very much like like the most recent Mission: Impossible, except that it CLEARLY has the words “Part 1” at the end of the title. Now, it’s possible that this was discussed in interviews and things about the movie that I purposely avoided, but no commercial or preview mentioned it that I recall. The poster image I used as the featured image for this post does show “part 1” below the title, but I can tell you for sure that was added by someone; it is not on the official poster(s) anywhere. So just be aware before you see it.