Conversations With Luke,  Elementary School

Bookworm: A Conversation With Luke

This is more of a retelling of a conversation Luke had with someone else, but it is too good not to share. I mentioned yesterday that I was concerned about a spot on Luke’s face. I took him to the doctor, and it turns out he has ringworm (and a sinus infection). Now, before you freak out (like I did), ringworm is actually a fungus; you treat it like you do athlete’s foot. The doctor said it is very common and most likely started out as something else (I’m guessing bug bite), which makes sense with his progression. Anyway, I wanted to mention it to his daycare director in case she needed to send out a notice or something.

  • Me: Oh, I meant to tell you, that spot on his cheek is ringworm.
  • Samantha: Yes, he told me.
  • Me: He did? I wasn’t sure if he had heard the doctor or understood what she said.
  • Samantha (laughing): I asked him why he had a bandaid on his cheek, and he told me he had bookworm.

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