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MovieMuse Has Entered the Chat (I Hope)

At least I hope so. Can you hear me now?

It has come to my attention that any of my replies to comments were not being emailed to the commenter. I had just assumed they were! And we all know what happens when you assume. So, my most profound apologies! And hopefully, I’ve done the right thing(s) to fix it going forward.

You should now see a checkbox below the comment box that says “Send me an email notification when someone replies to my comment”. In theory, if you click it, the system will email you when I respond. However, a friend left me two comments after I turned that feature on (I think), and the plug in doesn’t show a record of sending any responses.

So I installed another plug-in that it supposed to help. While I understand the basics of what it does in layman’s terms, but I definitely don’t understand all the technical questions it was asking me or the meaning of the information I was actually creating and inputting. Thankfully, there was a “follow these steps exactly” type guide online that seemed very helpful. I guess we’ll find out! If anyone would care to test that theory by leaving a comment, I promise to reply! And hopefully, you’ll actually receive the response back this time.

Special shout out to my friend AJ. Thank you for being my guinea pig/beta tester!


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