Conversations With Luke,  Infant and Toddler

Salsa: A Conversation with Luke

We were eating dinner at Mexican when….

  • Luke: Daddy, what’s that?
  • DH: It’s called salsa.
  • Luke: Ew, I don’t like salsa!
  • DH: How do you know? You’ve never tried it. Do you know what is in salsa?
  • Luke: I don’t know.
  • DH: What do you think it’s made of? What makes it red?
  • Luke: Strawberries!
  • DH: Well, yes, strawberries are red, but there are no strawberries in salsa. What else could it be?
  • Me: What makes spaghetti red?
  • Luke: Meatballs!

One Comment

  • cyndirella107

    This brings to mind the question I’ve been interested in asking for a while. You go to Los Loros every week. What do does someone with the opposite of my spicy taste buds eat there? All the free salsa that you are passing up should promptly be express mailed to me in Denmark. 😉