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New image, who dis?

You know you’re old when… you have been blogging so long that blogs were primarily written communication. Very few featured images or had the capability to support images for quite some time. I didn’t post my first picture on my old blog until I had been blogging for nearly a year (September 1, 2004). Consequently, most of my old blog posts don’t have pictures associated with them until around early 2005, and I didn’t consistently post a picture every time until late 2012/early 2013.

Last weekend, I finally managed to get my old blog posts transferred to WordPress (with a fair bit of trial and error). However, due to several issues with images and broken links and such, I very quickly “unpublished” them here on MoviesAndMeows until I can get them cleaned up. That has been my main project this week. For example, all “Conversations With Luke” have been added, and they even have their own category up there on the menu under Luke. (I know, look at me getting all fancy!) It was so fun to read them again after so long; I had forgotten several of them.

These days, it’s almost unheard of for someone to post on their blog without a picture or two (or 10 or 30), even if they have to “make one up” using stock images. I have found that I actually enjoy finding just the right image to accompany something I’m posting when I don’t have my own photograph to go with it, such as the image posted above (that one came from PNGtree). So as I am cleaning up my old blog posts to publish them, I am retroactively assigning images to them. I realize that no one will probably see them but me, unless you fall into the “you may also like” rabbit hole, but they are there. I am, however, resisting the urge to change the titles. Some of them make me roll my eyes now. I feel like I have at least gotten better at making up titles since I started, but I guess we’ll find out when I’m rereading these posts again in 20 years.

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