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Sticker Shock

I know that I ultimately should not be surprised. It was bound to happen sometime. Still, it caught me a little off guard. It also tells you how little I actually drive these days. I went to the doctor today (nothing wrong, just a check-up, and my blood pressure was only 128/80, which is really good for me!), and I noticed on the way that my car had less than a quarter of a tank left. We’ll ignore the fact that I was in my car to begin with. It’s the only one with a car seat, so I should have driven DH’s car, but I didn’t think of it until I was leaving the doctor. Oops!

Anyway, I decided to go on and get gas on my way home. I pulled in, popped the cover, and glanced at the pump while I was unscrewing the cap. I just rolled my eyes when I saw what the previous person had paid. “What kind of idiot drives the kind of car that costs $45 to fill up?” I thought. Then I noticed the total number of gallons pumped. Just over 15. If I’d just stopped to think for a second about what current gas prices are, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but Noooo, I go jumping to conclusions. For the record, *my* car holds 16 gallons (Toyota Camry). So how much did it cost me to fill up my car, you ask? $41.

Currently feeling: boggled and broke


  • Anonymous

    you name it…gas is really high nowadays. we also have toyota camry and it costs us 40 bucks to fill up the tank…too much huh? but oh well…that’s the way it goes…