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    Haunted Mansion (2023)

    I had absolutely no expectations for Disney's new attempt at a Haunted Mansion movie. The last one was... not great. But this Haunted Mansion? I was really impressed, and surprised! It struck the right balance between taking the material seriously and knowing it was a little silly. There were even several legit creepy parts.

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    So in case you haven't seen Captain Marvel, the "star of the show" (kidding, sort of) is Goose. Yes, Goose, as in Maverick's rio from Top Gun. (Y'all got that reference, right?) Now, most people think that Goose is a normal Earth feline, but nope. According to the movie, Goose is:

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    This was the "mystery movie" at Regal, where they screen movies before they are released in theaters. Owen Wilson plays a (VERY!) Bob Ross type....

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