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The Lazarus Project – Season 1 (2023)

When I started seeing the commercials on TNT for The Lazarus Project, I was intrigued. Lazarus is a group of people whose goal is to save the world from extinction-level events by turning back time. Members of the team are some of the few people able to remember what occurred once time is rolled back, enabling them to try and prevent the pending catastrophe. I can’t give more of a summary without giving anything away!

The advertisements describe the series as “fun.” I’m afraid I can’t agree with that description. There are occasional moments of levity, but on the whole, the show is an extremely serious drama and quite intense. It gets pretty dark in places, definitely in the realm of “gritty.” I actually wasn’t sure if I even liked the series for the first couple of episodes because there really aren’t any “good guys,” despite the fact that they are trying to save the world. They also touch on aspects of time travel that I had never even considered (which is saying something, given the amount of science fiction we watch), most of which are bad, and one in particular is awful. That one scene will shatter you into a million pieces. It is so well acted and so visceral, and utterly devastating. And then it keeps going, pounding you again and again and again as the clock resets. It is incredibly difficult to watch, but so very well done.

It has moments of action, but again, it is far more drama than anything, so if you’re looking for “fast paced,” this is not for you. We picked up a description from a review of something years ago that has stuck with our family: it is “carefully paced.” It’s not boring by any means, but it is definitely a slow burn, more of a thriller than an action show. You really don’t know where it’s headed much of the time, and you’re left with quite a few unanswered questions in the end. And I did not, in a million years, see the ending coming. I was totally blown away! Thank goodness there will be a season 2, though there is no telling when it will premiere in the US. Hopefully we don’t have to wait a year after the UK premiere (whenever that may be). Definitely looking forward to it. It’ll be worth the wait.