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The Marvels

The Marvels (2023) – Fun movie, though largely nonsensical. Seriously, DO NOT think about any of it for very long or it will fall apart. Some really great moments, though, and sweet chemistry between the leading ladies. Iman Vellani absolutely holds her own against the adults (I just love her!), and I am so happy to see her make the jump to the big screen. I just wish they had a better script/story to work with. But there were flerkittens, which makes up for a multitude of sins, as does my new mostest favoritest movie quote ever: “Stop running and allow the flerkittens to eat you.” There is a mid-credit stinger, and I have only two words: HOLY S***!!! Nothing but a “sound stinger” at the end that isn’t worth staying for, IMO. As far as prerequisites go, the Captain Marvel movie and Ms. Marvel series will greatly enhance enjoyment, though not particularly crucial from a plot perspective. Secret Invasion is not necessary (no references to it). I leave you with the world’s best movie poster! ≽^•⩊•^≼