101 Things v5 - Countdown to 50,  Highlight Reel

Highlight Reel – October 2023

How is it the end of October already? Only 2 months left in 2023!

Six Word summary

Nineteen. Leaves. Movies. Picard. Getting dark.

Multimedia – Watching, Reading, Listening

Watching: We have a few new shows starting. Not many, though, with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike going on. WGA reached a deal in very late September, and there have been at least 2 attempts to reach an agreement this month between studios and SAG-AFTRA, but still no luck.

  • Movies (blog links, not affiliate links)
    • The Creator – This was disappointing. Not bad, necessarily, but there are several better versions this type of story out there.
    • See How They Run – This was different and fun. Not sure I’d really recommend it, not because it was bad, but I’m not sure that most people would like it (though we did). It’s different and niche, and definitely not everyone’s type of humor.
    • Turning Red – This was both really cute and quite good/impactful. Definitely worth seeing.
    • Labyrinth – Another of those “cult classic” films that I had seen in bits and pieces over the years but never all the way through in one sitting. What a terrible movie! And I mean that in the best “kid stuff in the 80s was always terrible” way.
    • Body of Lies – This was okay; I guess I just expected more from the performances given the caliber of folks they had involved. Not bad by any means, but not nearly as “thrilling” of a political thriller as I hoped for.
    • The Notebook – No, I hadn’t ever seen it. Parts of it, yes, but not all of it. It was… fine, I guess. Not bad, not great. Not sure I understand the big deal (unless you were a teen when it came out).
    • Sicario – Not my typical type of film, but this was excellent! I now understand the various Oscar nominations. It’s not exactly the type of movie you “like” given the subject matter, but very well written, well filmed, and superbly acted.
    • Lincoln – Very good movie, though about 30 minutes too long (which is not something you typically say about a Spielberg film). Had a zillion people in it, including a very small part for a then-unknown Adam Driver (this was released the same year as Girls).
    • Reminiscence – I wasn’t expecting much out of this, but it was actually pretty good. Not great, but enjoyable enough.
    • The Jazz Singer – Generally considered the first “talkie.” Sort of “required viewing” for true movie fans, even if it wasn’t great.
    • The Virgin Suicides – I can see that this movie would have been very impactful if you were of a certain age when you saw it (early teens to, say, early 20s). It’s still not a bad movie by any means, just not quite the “all that” it was made out to be at the time.
    • Quartet (2012) – Sweet little “British ensemble” film. I had absolutely NO idea that it was also Dustin Hoffman’s feature film directorial debut! As in, I thought to myself, “is there a British Dustin Hoffman I don’t know about?!” Nope, same one, THE Dustin Hoffman.
  • TV
    • Atlanta Braves Baseball – well that was disappointing; out in the first round that we played in (had a week off while they settled the wild card slots, which I really think hurt us)
    • LEGO Masters – Fun so far, as usual.
    • The Irrational – Interesting. We really like Jesse L. Martin, so we’ll stick with it for a while.
    • Found – Interesting to watch it unfold. They’re going for The Blacklist vibes, but I don’t see how it can work long term.
    • The Wonder Years (reboot) – well, we knew when they waited until summer to release season 2 that things were not looking good; it was officially cancelled in mid-September; such a shame, as we really enjoyed it.
    • Quantum Leap – That is certainly an interesting twist that we didn’t see coming to start Season 2! Definitely looking forward to watching things unfold.
    • Star Wars: Rebels – Watched the first episode of Ahsoka and decided we didn’t remember enough of it to move forward until we had rewatched; I was usually working when L watched this in the afternoons, and Steve was usually at work, so we really needed this refresher.
    • Ahsoka – Good thing, too, since many reviews said this is basically “Rebels Season 5,” which is spot on accurate!
    • Loki – Completed Season 1 rewatch, then dove into Season 2. Can’t say we’re loving it with only 2 episodes left.
    • Star Trek: Picard – My brother gifted us with a Paramount+ subscription back in the spring. Finally got around to using it. Binged all 3 seasons of Picard in 10 days!


  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles, by Agatha Christie – Finally read my first Agatha Christie; yes, I was inspired by watching the third Branagh film and hearing repeatedly about how different the books/stories from the films. Not sure if they need to be read in order or not, and they’re not exactly cheap, so we’ll see how it goes. I enjoyed it well enough, and I hear they improve over time.
  • No Filter, by Paulina Poriskova – I discovered her Instagram account a year or so ago, and I’ve really enjoyed it. This was a collection of essays about her life and observations. Interesting and enjoyable.
  • Read a few freebie trash novels, which were mostly trash, sad to say. If I read one worth mentioning, I’ll mention it, but these definitely were not it.
Good Times – Friends, Family, Fun
  • Celebrated Luke’s birthday with his first weekend home from college and a visit from my parents (I don’t think they’ve come here since his graduation; we’ve gone there, though).
  • Watched all kinds of movies while Steve was out of town on a business trip. Also had a menu full of my favorite foods and didn’t have to care if anyone else wanted to eat that or not! May not sound like fun to you, but it was great!
Silver and Gold – Gifts and Purchases
  • I started Christmas shopping, so that’s good.
News Reel – Noteworthy Events
  • Luke’s 19th birthday!
  • Enjoyed the partial solar eclipse
  • 101 Things in 1001 Days Version 5 finally premiered
  • Matthew Perry (of Friends fame) died. So young (54), though I know he didn’t have an easy life. Still quite a shock, though.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Accomplishments and Disappointments
  • I guess if there were no accomplishments and no disappointments, then I balanced out okay?
  • I did get the 101 Things list finished and published. And I started Christmas shopping. But those have both been mentioned elsewhere.
  • That’s everything I can think of, unless watching 12 new movies counts (also mentioned elsewhere).
  • Might need to rethink if this section is necessary. Hmm….
Daily Dispatch – the Everyday and Routine
  • Still doing well on cooking/eating at home
  • Star was being adorable, playing with the packing paper from a recent Amazon delivery. She’s not typically the playful one, so it was fun to see her enjoying herself.
Just Keep Swimming – Progress on Goals
  • 101 Things list pretty much has all of the goals for the next couple of years, but if I come up with any additional, I’ll let you know. Got a few items started, though. Not bad for 4 days in!
  • Every Movie I’ve Ever Seen – still need to work on that one; spent most of my time actually watching movies this month instead of logging them or writing about them
Into the Unknown – Future Plans
  • Need to get a Thanksgiving plan in place. Not sure where we’ll be when. I know we will be at my parents’ house at some point, just not sure when. Depends on what (if any) plans we make with Tony (my father-in-law).