Highlight Reel

Highlight Reel – August 2023

I’ve tried several different versions of a monthly recap style thing on my blog. None of them have stuck for very long. What’s the definition of insanity? “Repeating the same thing over and over while expecting different results.” Apparently, I am certifiable….

Multimedia – Watching, Reading, Listening

Watching: All kinds of things!

  • TV
    • Atlanta Braves Baseball
    • American Ninja Warrior
    • The Wonder Years (the current one, not the one from the 80s)
    • Star Wars: Rebels (rewatch preparing for Ahsoka)
    • Secret Invasion (review to come)
    • Mysteries at the Museum
    • Dateline: Secrets Uncovered
    • Dateline: Unforgettable
    • Forensic Files

Reading: Not (yet) actively, but a selection of books I bought this month:

  • American Prometheus, by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin
  • The Calculating Stars, by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • All the Knowledge in the World, by Simon Garfield
  • Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, by Matthew Desmond
Good Times – Friends, Family, Fun

I guess that depends on your definition of “fun.” Does relaxing, sleeping, and napping count? Moving L into his dorm (and the preparation for doing it) was quite stressful, but once it was over, we have enjoyed just “being” for a bit. Steve’s birthday was pretty low-key.

News Reel – Noteworthy Events
  • We celebrated our 7th “gotcha day” with the babies! Can’t believe we’ve had the kittens for 7 years now (but they’re still “kittens” compared to our 12-year-old grumpy old lady).
  • The beginning of “the college experience” for Luke
  • Bob Barker, host of The Prices Is Right for 35 years (including my entire childhood), died at age 99; as someone pointed out, he got as close to “a dollar” (100 years) as he could, without going over
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Six Words

Busy. Tired. Quiet. Sitting. Movies. Cooking.

Daily Dispatch – the Everyday and Routine

I have started cooking again. That should probably be listed under the “new and exciting” instead of routine, though I am hoping it becomes more routine. As I was telling a friend, it seems silly that I feel more like cooking now that L is away at school than I did when he was here. It makes no sense, because he doesn’t really eat anything I make. Why does it feel less stressful and frustrating to cook dinner for 2 now that he’s gone than it did to cook those same meals for 2 with him here? But it made me feel guilty for not eating something/somewhere he wanted to eat, whether he was going to eat with us or not (3 out of 4 times, he declined to eat with us, no matter where we were eating, but by then, I didn’t want to cook). It makes no sense. Brains are weird. Feelings are weird. And whatever you do, DON’T try to get those two to work together!

Just Keep Swimming – Progress on Goals

Sort-of goal-less at the moment, but that will change in October (stay tuned). All I wanted for August was to successfully move him in (check!), and then try to relax and recuperate afterwards (check! though still tired). And to start cooking more, which I did (went from virtually 0 dinners at home to cooking twice a week). I am starting a monthly meal plan in September, though.

Into the Unknown – Future Plans
  • I posted my movie picks for the next couple of months. I’m most looking forward to A Haunting in Venice, since we have greatly enjoyed Kenneth Branagh’s two previous outings as Poirot.
  • Still cleaning and publishing old blog posts. I’m up to (I think) 153 out of 1997 posts from the old blog. (They’re all “ported” over from the old blog, but I didn’t like how they looked and all of the broken images and links, so I unpublished them until I can clean/fix them before re-publishing.)
  • Version 5 of 101 Things in 1001 Days is coming up, starting in October. Still fine tuning that, but it’s showing in the sidebar already (so I don’t have to “fix it” in a couple of months). Here, I’ll make a firm goal for next time: I want to have all of my old 101 Things (all versions) blog entries cleaned and published here by the time Version 5 starts in late October. I see the current counts as 0 published out of 97 total. (Oops, I really thought there were at least 1 or 2!)
  • Another goal for next month: finish typing and divide up my “every movie ever seen” list (been working on it off and on this past month), and publish here.
  • L is coming with us to see my parents over Labor Day (for my dad’s birthday).

That sounds like plenty for now! See you back here in a month.


    • Erin

      Truly, the easiest place to begin is by looking up other people’s lists. Google is your friend! DayZeroProject is another good resource. (And you can always call me! LOL)